The KOMNATA Quest Project was founded in Russia in 2014 by Artem Kramin and Oksana Vasis. The scope of the business includes: Games, namely role playing games; Providing recreation facilities, namely organization of live escape room games; Providing amusement arcade services, namely organizing live escape room games; Entertainment in the form of quest games services, namely providing entertainment events featuring escape room games.

In Russia the project functions under the brand of “Выйти из комнаты” (“Vyiti iz komnaty”, “Escape the Room”). This registered trademark in Russia is owned by OOO Impulse (founder – Oksana Vasis) which manages the Russian network of the franchise. At the present moment the management company that owns the rights for the network and the trademarks is located in Cyprus (Mind and Feeling Investments, Ltd.), with Oksana Vasis as its founder. Oksana Vasis is the owner of the KOMNATA trademark registered in the European Union as well as the KOMNATA trademark in the USA which is now at the final stage of registration. The main area of business of Mind and Feeling Investments, Ltd. is development and management of the KOMNATA entertainment network.

The first representative office of the project in the USA is Quest Global LLC whose founders are Polina Matveeva and Oksana Vasis.

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